Microsoft Solutions Provider

Microsoft Solutions Provider

barnetweb is a Microsoft Partner meaning we can provide and support Microsoft solutions. As a partner we have access to all the latest Microsoft technologies even before they are officially released. This means by the time new products come on stream we are already up to speed ready to implement and support our customers.

There is much more to Microsoft technologies than just operating systems like Vista and XP and MS Office suites. Microsoft now encompasses ALL areas to help and support Business from small to large.

What’s on offer can include:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows Mobile
  • Office 365
  • Mobility – Windows Mobile
  • Microsoft Server 2008, SBS, Collaboration Server, Commerce Server,  Exchange Server, SQL Server, Virtual Servers
  • Studio software covering Visual Studio, Expressions, Silverlight
  •  CRM with Microsoft Dynamics

At Barnet Web we want to help our Customers be prepared for whatever the economy brings. This means providing the tools and products to our customers to ensure they remain as competitive and efficient as possible. We assist customers to leverage their IT investments to reduce costs and work more efficiently, regardless of market changes. Online IT provide a range of resources specifically tailored to help customers turn economic challenge into opportunity.

Experience the powerful combination of innovation, performance, and productivity.

If you want to stay one step ahead find out how you can make Windows 10 work for your business, just get in touch.

In the planning phases of Windows 10, business customers just like you asked for a better performing, easy-to-use, and secure system, a solution that works the way they need it to work, so they could focus on what matters most—their business.

Flexibility to work how YOU want

Work faster and more reliably with a variety of features from Windows 10. Now you can share information and solve problems easily, so you spend less time troubleshooting your network and more time helping your business.

Reserve your FREE upgrade today…. contact us

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