Domain Names

Domain Names

A domain name isn’t just a by-product of the Internet, its your most valuable online asset and part of your Intellectual Property (IP). Our professionals assist you in establishing, then implementing an effective Domain Name Management Service.

There are now so many TLD (Top Level Domain) and secondary domains that it has become even harder for organisation to keep track of what they have or in many cases, what they don’t have but should. This is where our Management Service comes into play. Working alongside an ICANN Accredited Registrar, our professionals have over 10 years experience doing what your organisation needs.

Our registration services cover the following:

  • domains
  • domains
  • com domains
  • org domains
  • net domains
  • cc domains
  • eu domains
  • us domains
  • biz domains
  • name domains
  • ws domains
  • info domains
  • (China, very important nowadays.)
  • .co
  • .uk

plus many others.

Your registration service starts here.

We can take care of all your bulk transfers, bulk renewals, bulk registrations. Any domain name dispute you might have, we can try and resolve on your behalf.

Very often there is a domain you really want that is already registered. TRY US because in many cases we have been able to acquire the domain on behalf of clients who find themselves in similar situations

So, whatever your domain requirements TRY US first. you might be surprised!

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