Hosting Location

Hosting Location

The hosting centre for barnetweb is a privately owned facility set in 1.8 acres of land and houses both our operations staff and hosting services to support the quality service offering.

be mirrored across different locations, even different continents, if appropriate. Just leave it to us. We can ensure you have a truly 24/7 presence which is protected and maintained by us.

We are a distinctly technical company throughout. The local team has a broad base in understanding the technical business requirements to effectively solve problems and develop solutions on behalf of our customers. The fully managed network extends redundantly from London and spans globally though strategic relationships with national and international carriers.

The facility lies in custom designed premises and originally built in 1997 split over two data floors. A 2nd data centre, on the same site opened mid 2008 and provides an additional 10,000 square feet as 500 foot prints. This 2nd building is one of the very few Tier 4 N+N facilities in the UK.

Physical site access control, CCTV and internal proximity locking systems combine with a documented and logged access control procedures to protect the facility and customer equipment. This ensures that should an installation need to be included within a security certification programme, the facility supports some of the key requirements.

The data floor environment is monitored and maintained by redundant cooling circuits, and power supplied to the customer racks is backed up via a combination of battery based UPS units and diesel generators with over 86 hours of fuel maintained on-site at all times.

Find out about our hosting options here or our Cloud options here

Quality connectivity

The network spans from multiple points in London. With data travelling over multiple telecom carriers, diversely routed, terminating in multiple locations therefore our customers can be assured of the highest level of service.

Network services include Internet IP, Ethernet private line into other geographic locations, and full or partial BGP based transit. All delivered over a resilient MPLS


The site is connected via two 11,000 Volt (11kV) connections to the power distribution grid, each being fed from a different sub-station. This utility supply is protected by two backup diesel generators configured as N+1, with the new facility configures as N+N followed by an array of battery based UPS systems. This arrangement helps to protect against disruption to the hosting service.

Environmental control

Each data floor is arranged with sufficient cooling to retain a sensible hosting environment, even in the event of a partial failure of the system. The environment is carefully monitored 24 hours per day with a grid of temperature sensors deployed around the populated racking area, reporting back to the operations centre.


We recognise that the security of your systems is crucial, including the hardware and it’s ability to operate. The facility has been designed with careful attention to the exterior land, controlled access ways and heavy CCTV coverage which is digitally recorded and retained for up to 90 days.

Access into the data floor is restricted to our customers hosting full racks, and is only granted if we have received advance notice in line with the site’s formal documented access policy. Access to and within the building is through magnetically locked doors, protected by proximity card authentication.

 Floor Space

The facility has two data floors each 2,000 square feet with raised floors up to 300mm for cable distribution.

Technical support

We have a technical team with wide-ranging skills set. Assistance can be offered to most software and hardware platforms, firewalls and network hardware.

We operate a 24×7 support service for urgent technical faults. Access is via a telephone number that will directly contact a member of our support team, not a call handler. In instances where a fault is unable to be resolved by the on-call engineer, an internal escalation process will be initiated. The engineer can also grant access to the facility, staff listed on the Control Panel, and third party support engineers (for example hardware maintenance, Telco operators).

Non-urgent technical issues can be submitted for resolution via e-mail, which will be injected into our ticket system. All queries, issues and faults are logged and managed via an automated ticket system that assigns a unique identification number for traceability.

Support is split into 2 types

INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT covering items such as
  • Network hardware event logs
  • Intrusion Detection/Security reports
  • Network hardware firmware version and upgrade planning
GENERAL SUPPORT covering items such us
  • Email or telephone support,
  • Tape rotation (per change) in working hours – scheduled service available
  • Remote hands service, ½ hour block (working hours)
  • Remote hands service, ½ hour block (out of working hours)
  • Emergency out-of-hours access call-out systems. This arrangement helps to protect against disruption to the hosting service.

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